Dynamic Reporting Solutions Pty Ltd

Annual Financial Statements (AFS)

We provide various reporting packages to suit our clients’ needs. The financial statements are prepared using either IFRS or IFRS for SME’s as accounting framework. 1. “Self-Drive”- Complete all our templates and we will send you the financial statements. 2. “Assisted-Drive”- Having trouble finding the time to complete the reporting process? We can assist you where help is needed through use of our experienced staff. 4. “Chauffeur-driven” – The all-inclusive reporting package. You provide the trial balance and complete the raw data requirements and we do all the work. Continuously checking in with you by ensuring that your requirements are met.


We offer accounting services to suit your needs. Speak to us and see how we can help you achieve your goals and streamline your accounting process.


We’d love to strategise with you regarding your company’s future and strategies that will help you reach your financial and operational goals in order to maximize profit, growth and potential.

The price of greatness is responsibility.

Winston Churchill

Who We Are

We are a small private company specialising in financial reporting and accounting services. We have a backed up cloud based service adding convenience and peace of mind to our service. We use one of the world’s leading software programs “Caseware”, that ensures on time, accurate and standarised annual financial statements. As our process is streamlined, we add value to our client’s businesses by saving them time and money. Our cloud based system is live and real time. No need for our clients to buy expensive software packages. We store and keep the data safe for our clients, so no need for large servers and backup systems.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the preferred choice in the financial reporting and accounting industry. We strive to: 1. Understand and meet our client’s needs. 2. Lead with purpose and leave a legacy. 3. Add value with our expertise and knowledge. 4. Teach our clients financial skills and align with their needs. 5. Give our clients the best experience. 6. Streamline processes.

Our Mission

Our mission as a financial reporting company is to strive towards the following: A high standard of service that exceeds our clients expectations. A set of high ethical standards. To build the best possible financial reporting solution for our clients. Capitalising on the strengths of each employee to ensure the best results. To be the go-to company for financial reporting and accounting services. Our dynamic leadership encourages growth and progress through process innovation and streamlining of data. Analysing customer feedback and constantly improving our service. Knowing and meeting our client’s needs. Accelerating delivery of our services. Enhancing the customer experience. Empowering clients with information that has an impact their businesses.


Performance excellence is our goal. We align our vision with our skills, leadership, processes, values and people. We believe this will achieve the best results in the shortest period of time possible. Providing our clients with a value for money experience.

Meet our Responsible Team

Christo Botha


Founder and Managing Director

Jeanne-Mari Botha

B. Com Financial Management Hon.

Financial Manager

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